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Thanks for everything you have taught Jacob.  He is a rock and roll machine now. He is playing along to all kinds of songs.  - Lynn K.

Jim Linsner is a good teacher for people at various levels of development.  He has things for the beginner who lacks confidence and doesn't know whether he is going to move past Garage Band and the professional who has been playing for a while and wants to unlock some area of the music. Jim tailors his lessons to fit the individual.  Each student will find himself more organized in his practice habits and will be motivated to log his material.  If you want a bigger rhythmic vocabulary and better timing for your band, it's time to call Jim!    -    Chris Curtis

Jim is a great teacher and percussionist in our area, and I highly recommend him to you for your students who would like to take private lessons on percussion instruments.  -  Scott L. O'Dell  (West Seneca East Senior High School Band Director)


Jim Linsner is the best Drum Teacher I have ever studied with. I have been playing for many years and continue to take lessons from him. He always has something new and interesting to offer.  Whether you’re a beginner, or a cagey veteran (like myself), you will be very pleased taking lessons from Jim.  -  Carl Markiewicz (Joe and the Schmoes)






Jim's knowledge of percussion and teaching methods have both inspired and motivated my son to be the best drummer he can be. I also always make it a point to sit in and watch the lessons which has made me a better drummer also. Thanks Jim! ~Dave Imiola (Disco Duck Band)


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